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about majken

Angela Leon, a character from Soul Eater

Angela the Witch from Soul Eater

The actress.  Acting has trained me to be able to empathize with and understand target audiences in design work, as well as understand the art of storytelling. My film and television career is comprised of 10 years of work as a voice-over actress for Funimation. Some of my favorite roles were Plue in Galaxy Railways, Suu the Fox in One Piece, and Angela in Soul Eater.


The Crane Princess


SJSU graduation day with Sammy the Spartan

The artist. I received formal art training at College of San Mateo, where I got my Associate of Arts in Graphic Design. I later earned my Bachelor of Arts in Design Studies: Graphic Design at San José State University. I was recently able to showcase the best of my illustration skills in The Crane Princess, a children's book written by Laine Hamamura. My ability to tell her story visually contributed to a successful kickstarter campaign

The problem solver. While I attended college and volunteered in the Cambrian Park community, I also did design work for Teachers' Curriculum Institute (TCI) and Burlingame Community for Education Foundation (BCE).  This definitely took problem solving skills and a whole lot of coffee. 

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